Volunteer Profile: Luke Dingwell

Luke Dingwell holds a PhD from the Institute of Medical Science and is currently in the MD Program at the University of Toronto.

When and how did you first hear about Pueblo Science?

I first heard about Pueblo Science in 2017 through my graduate department, the Institute of Medical Science, at the University of Toronto. I then had the opportunity to learn more about Pueblo and its mission through the co-founder, Dr. Mayrose Salvador.

What volunteering job have you done with Pueblo Science?

I have served a variety of roles with Pueblo – advising on social media-based marketing strategies, assisting with funding proposals, aiding with program ideation and scientific editing, and serving as an Instructor for our RISE program.

Teaching at RISE 2018 in Davao City, Philippines.

What attracted you to this cause?

I was attracted to Pueblo as it has an incredibly valuable goal of educating lesser-advantaged youth globally, and because it accomplishes this goal through long-lasting, infrastructural change.

How has the volunteering experience changed you?

My experience in the RISE program was particularly impactful. I received a true 'boots-on-the-ground' perspective, and saw, first-hand, the socioeconomic- and scientific-disparities in the Philippines, the usefulness of RISE, and the overwhelming appreciation from the teachers for our efforts in their communities. As a result, I personally gained a deeper appreciation for similar programs and their missions.

Why do you continue to support Pueblo Science?

I continue to support Pueblo because I firmly believe that our dedicated and uniquely skilled team is eliciting positive, global change.


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